US Japanese Historical Reenactment Society



The USJHRS is a small club of people interested in researching Japanese history and bringing it alive for others. As with many other reenactment groups, we recreate the food, clothing (including armor), and pastimes of Japan throughout history.

Our main areas of focus tend to be from 794-1600 CE, although some of our members have interests both earlier and later than those specific dates.


Why not? There are people in Europe who recreate Native American culture, and Japanese reenactors who put on the Blue and Gray to recreate the American Civil War. For us, the culture and history of Japan hold a similar interest. All cultures hold something of value, and the history of mankind is a shared one, especially as the modern age breaks down the barriers that once kept us distant and apart.


We’ve participated in parades and promotions in the past, providing armored ‘samurai’ and giving living history performances. We are also willing to come to classes or other events to help teach people about the history of Japan.

We also hold our own events a few times a year; private functions where we take on personas and recreate a certain historical period.


Many of our members belong to other organizations, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). However, our group and scope is smaller and more limited, being a distinct private group and not part of any larger organization. We believe this allows us to be more focused on our period and place of study.


Certainly! Membership is informal—most meetings take place at members’ houses. Many of our discussions occur online, through We have people who are anime fans, and others who come to us from the martial arts. We have serious students of Japanese history and part-time enthusiasts.

You can contact us at, or call 703-815-0310.